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Considering the fact that water pumps have a long time service interval many owners of cars sometimes underestimate the eventual requirement for a new water pump for their car. Although water pumps degrade over time, there are a number of different factors that are mostly to blame for accelerating this process.

Timing belts and water pumps have similar lifespans. This is the reason why LMC strongly advises replacing both of them at the same time. This guarantees not only effective and secure maintenance but also lower labor expenses and a shorter time of inactivity. 

What is the longevity of the car water pump?

The two elements that are most important to keep in mind when looking for a reliable and long-lasting water pump are:

  • Fitting and quality of the water pumps.
  • Maintenance of the cooling system.

The lifespans of typical water pumps vary depending on the model of the vehicle and the type of cooling system it has. Finding a reliable collaborator before changing the most recent water pump is highly advised, as is according to the instructions in the owner's handbook for your car while installing a new well pump. Also, the need for a new water pump will mostly depend on driver habits over time. 

What are the signs indicating that your car needs a new water pump?

The most common causes of a vehicle’s water pump damage include leakage, improper use of sealant, damage caused by improper use of coolant, cavitation damage, and corrosion. The majority of wear takes place inside the unit, which is why it frequently cannot be noticed until it is opened.  

The water pump should be disassembled on a regular basis in order to precisely examine for wear at its most important parts. There are, nevertheless, there are a number of clear signs of malfunction. To be able to rule out any of these malfunctions, here is a list of the 5 most common water pump failure symptoms:

1. Overheating of Engine

Your car's engine will overheat if the water pump is not moving coolant through it. It is necessary to solve the problem as soon as possible. Otherwise, your carelessness can seriously damage the pistons, head gasket and cylinders. The price tag for solving all those issues is something you obviously don't want to know.

2. Coolant Leak

Most likely the water pump will be responsible for the coolant leak coming from the front and center. A number of gaskets and seals are used in a water pump, and over time, these parts can harden and crack. When they do, coolant will circulate from the water pump across your garage floor. Check the color to help you identify the fluid as coolant is usually red or green.

3. Rusting and Corrosion of the Water Pump

When it comes to rusting and corrosion of water pumps, age is also not in the favor of water pumps. When you use the wrong coolant in your car, truck, or SUV, deposits are more likely to form. These rust-causing substances tend to accumulate. Corrosion and rusting damage the pump which leads to leakage. This can also damage the seal of the pressure cap, allowing coolant to leak out of the top.

4. Harmonic, high-pitched whining sounds

High-pitched noises coming from the front of the car are a common sign of pulley installation issues. This is because, when pulled by the pump, a pulley that is weaker can cause a howling or whirring sound with a pretty high pitch. This is generally caused by the incorrect positioning of the pulley or pump bearing issues. You will need to look for a replacement water pump once the pump's bearings start to wear out because this marks the end of the line for the component.

5. Steam coming out from under your hood

When driving or stopping, if you see steam coming from the front of the engine, the engine is overheating. As stated earlier, a working water pump will provide coolant to the working radiator, allowing the engine to maintain a constant temperature. Move to a safe location and contact a professional immediately if you see steam coming from the front of the engine. You should never use an engine that is overheated.

6. Steam from Radiator

Never let the radiator steam. You shouldn't ever observe steam erupting from your hood's front underneath. If you do, stop the car, truck, or SUV right away and pull over to a safe place. As was said above, steam indicates that your car is overheating, which can lead to costly and unnecessary engine damage.

Why it is important to replace the water pump of the car?

The combustion process inside an engine causes the mechanical components to reach extremely high temperatures, and the water pump is precisely the component that is necessary for the cooling circuit to function. It should go without saying that the water pump also requires special consideration when the timing belt is replaced.

Do not delay in checking your water pump's functionality often because it is important for the longevity of your engine and for your car as well.


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