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The market for liners is expected to witness strong growth over the forecast period.

This will be a result of the rising demand for vehicles. Also, the Indian market holds a wide range of manufacturers of industrial liners. Globally, the Indian Marker is one of the biggest markets for auto-electrical parts. So, these are the Industrial Liners Manufacturers and Distributors in India listed below.


One of the leading manufacturers Goetze provides efficient industrial Liners which are achieved by innovative design. Their liners are made up of high-quality material and are very durable. Industrial Liners which Goetze have fine finishing through cut-edge technology  to ensure proper safety 

Indian Piston Limited 

Indian Piston Limited is one of the outstanding industrial Liners manufacturers and suppliers in India that provides its customers with the best range of industrial liners. IPL manufacture standard quality liners with excellent finishing 

Menon Perfect 

Menon Perfect with their effective technology imports perineum quality industrial liners at a reasonable price. They have a good grip on the Indian market because of their outstanding performance that attracts customers to buy their products.


Circle is one of the most trusted brands in India, and has spread its services throughout the country. Their excellent and exceptional production and manufacture of industrial liners that are wear and corrosion-resistant. Their products are the best at having optimum durability and a sturdy design.  

Cooper corp.

Cooper Corp is a popular and major company based in Maharashtra. It is an influential player in the sector and contributes much to Maharashtra's rapidly growing automotive industry. Its precision in the manufacture of industrial liners owes to the excellent quality of the cast iron used and the precise machinery. It is one of the three largest producers of industrial liners and produces products of rare quality that are worn and tear-resistant.

Jai Liners

Their outstanding performance in the market owes to their years of improvement and experience in the field of industrial liner manufacture. Their innovative designs have made them well-reputed and they work for some of the most well-known automobile companies.  Their industrial liners have optimum heat dissipation which vastly increases their life span.

Industrial Liners Working in Vehicles

Before going on Liners Manufacturers in India, read how this works in your vehicle. 

While the liner can be made out of different metals, it is essential to ensure that it is durable enough to withstand the heat and friction of the engine. Some types of liners are also air-finned.  They are very similar to dry liners, but they require a higher grade of elements in order to provide a durable liner. Dry and wet liners have major differences in the amount of space available for expansion. While dry liners have a small bore distance, wet liners have a wide bore distance. 

Besides being more durable, wet liners are also easier to replace.  They are held in place by a flange on the top of the liner. The market is also divided on the basis of contact type. The market is divided into single-sided Release Liners and two-sided poly coated Release Liners. 

The single-sided Release Liners are made of silicone and a poly layer, while the two-sided poly-coated Release Liners have a film or paper layer on the surface of the silicone.

Manufacturing Process of Industrial Liners in Vehicles

There are two main processes used in the manufacturing of liers. One process is used to form the outer coating and the other to shape the lining. The lining must be stable and have adequate thermal insulation properties.

Better-quality liners are able to resist damage to the piston walls, which in turn reduces the maintenance cost. While the cylinder liner has its own role, it is only one part of the engine. Other parts include the crankcase ventilation systems, exhaust gas coolers, and rings. 

Besides liners, there are other components such as pistons, valves, and rings. These components are also vulnerable to wear and tear, which can result in costly repairs. Increasing global car sales are driving the automotive liner market. This means that the lining must be designed to last under extreme cold and hot conditions. 

The industry is facing growing environmental concerns that can impact the growth of gas-driven automobiles. This could potentially result in an increase in Liners Manufacturers in India. The industry is also facing great competition from eco-friendly vehicles.


This was our guide on Distributors and Suppliers of Industrial Liners Manufacturers in India. We hope you have found this information useful and the listed manufacturers are reliable as well. 

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