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Do you know about Automotive Piston Manufacturers in India? If yes, then this article on Laxmi Motor Company will help you to know about the 5 Best Automotive Piston Manufacturers and Distributors in India.

In the working of a combustion engine a vehicle piston plays an essential role. This auto-electrical part is known as a key product to convert fuel and push the car forward.

They are made from many different materials, and there are several types available.

Some pistons are built with aluminium, while others are made of steel.

However, different brands and manufacturers supply their own type and quality of piston. The market is full of these brands. And, we will be looking at the best 5 among them.

You can check the auto-electrical pistons on LMC, and read on to know more.

How are Automotive Piston Manufacturers in India

Pistons are an essential part of a vehicle. And to know about their manufacturers read about them first.

They convert the raw energy from the fuel into force that turns the wheels and propels the vehicle forward. They are also used in brake systems. A properly functioning piston is needed for safe driving, and you will get it from automotive piston manufacturers on LMC.

If a piston is worn or loose, it rocks side-to-side and rubs the cylinder wall. This can lead to major damage and is a cause of worry for drivers of older vehicles.

An automotive piston helps the engine to move or rotate as it is a part of an engine.

It is made of metal and can vary in size. The piston's heat resistance is critical. The piston must be able to withstand the temperature and pressure of the engine.

How do Automotive Piston work

Do you know that the working includes moving the piston up and down through the cylinder. So, in order to move this part up and down, the vehicle engine required oil. For this, the connecting rod is often designed with a hole in it to allow oil to pass up the connecting rod.

The same technique us used by automotive piston manufacturers while manufacturing.

The oil is then sprayed onto the piston thrust area. However, excessive side-to-side movement of the piston can cause excessive wear of the cylinder walls.

Its top surface is also attached to a connecting rod that mounts the piston to the crankshaft.Both fixed and floating calipers contain one or more pistons.

The piston moves hundreds or thousands of times per minute, ejecting burnt gases from the cylinder. It's essential that this part of the engine is durable and reliable. Also, in case the piston is broken…there are some combustion problems in the engine.

The most common engines are 2.5L (4 cylinders), 3.5L (6 cylinders), and 4/4.4L (8 cylinders). The larger displacement means that the piston is much larger and requires more heat resistance.

5 Best Automotive Piston Manufacturers and Distributors

A piston's size, type, and design are dependent on the type of vehicle. And the market is filled with various manufacturers and distributors for piston. However, we have listed the best brands for you.

You can purchase their product without any doubt!

So, the 5 Best Automotive Piston Manufacturers and Distributors are as follows:


Goetze's automotive pistons are engineered for durability and performance.

The company's South Bend, IN, the plant manufactures skirt-coated pistons for Ford. They use a proprietary Ford recipe to apply the coating to the piston, ensuring optimum performance. They are one of the leading automotive piston manufacturers in the market.

Goetze has been around for more than a century, and its quality products match or exceed OEM standards. They're engineered to minimize friction and extend engine life.

India Pistons Limited (IPL)

Among automotive piston manufacturers list, IPL is standing at the topmost position.

India Pistons Limited are entering a 50/50 joint venture to produce pistons in India. The partnership will focus on producing pistons for gasoline and diesel engines. The Indian market is growing rapidly and has strict emission regulations.

The joint venture will introduce new piston designs, including those with oil-cooled galleries.

IPL has most of the piston operations for the company, including the piston ring machining process. It also houses the company's administrative functions.

Menon Perfect

Menon Perfect is one of the largest and oldest automotive piston manufacturers in India

Based in Kolhapur, India, MPL has three manufacturing facilities and produces around 2.4 million aluminium alloy pistons per month. It is the sole supplier of pistons for Kirloskar Cummins Ltd and manufactures a large percentage of its products for export to 24 countries.

Perfect Circle

Perfect Circle Pistons have been the choice of professional automotive technicians.

Their advanced technology includes an automatic piston cutting system, locating pistons in cutting stations, and minimising repetitive motion. The result is a perfectly round, high-quality piston ring. They are counted among the 5 best automotive piston manufacturers in India.

These high-performance pistons are used by some of the world's largest automotive manufacturers.

LMC Automotive Pistons Manufacturers

The above listed companies are well known OEMs for pistons. If you have an issue in your vehicle engine because of the piston then you must replace it with a new one.

On LMC we provide high-quality automotive pistons at an affordable budget. We have been exporting and distributing auto-products like pistons for decades. That means before the auto-electrical component started being manufactured in India, LMC was there with their supply.

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With the leading competition in the auto-electrical parts industry, these brands are giving high tasks to each other. They supply top-class pistons and other auto-electrical parts with durable performance.

You will get high quality pistons from Gotze, IPL, Menon Perfect, and Perfect Circle on Laxmi Motor Company. Thus make sure to make a deal with us

This was LMC’s guide on Automotive Piston manufacturers.

We hope you have found this guide and information listed here useful. Make sure to share your views in the comment section.