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Lakshmi Motor Company (LMC). This company sells the spare parts online and offline of vehicles at the best price in India. Not just in India, they sell their Spare parts in 6 more countries like Morocco, Russia, Brazil, Turkey, Poland etc. We sell Auto Spare parts, Car Spare parts and Accessories at the best price online as well as offline.

The main purpose of the automotive industries that it includes large variety of companies and organizations which are involved in designing, developing, marketing and selling motor vehicles. The word Automotive means Self Motion, (auto means self and motive means motion).

Let me brief you on some good information related to our business:

1. Automotive Piston Manufacturers

Piston plays an essential role in vehicles. They are made up of different materials. Some are made up of aluminium and others of steel. Different brands and manufacturers supply different types and qualities of pistons. Piston’s size, type and quality depend on the type of vehicle. In Different vehicles, Different pistons are used. The Best 5 Piston Manufacturers in our check are:

  • LMC Pistons Manufacturer
  • Emerson
  • India Pistons Limited (IPL)
  • MAHLE Group
  • General Motors

2.  Industrial Liners 

Liner is a synthetic mat used in vehicles to protect the automobile bot or trunk from dust and dirt. They are alloyed products which are specifically designed to avoid punctures and tears to minimize water loss and land deterioration.

Three types of liners are used:

  • Hot
  • Dry 
  • Finned

The purpose of every Liner is to protect from heat and impurities. We all know that the engine is the heart of the vehicle and to make the engine work smoothly, the proper functioning of the liner is a must.

3.  Automotive Belts

A Belt ensures that your Engine is working smoothly without any interruption. It also ensures that the engine’s crankshaft and camshaft are running smoothly so that pistons and valves don't hit one another. The two belts you need to be familiar with when you are talking about the maintenance of a car: 

  • Serpentine belt
  • Timing belt

A timing belt is a rubber belt that keeps the check on the opening and closing of the engine valves with the proper timings whereas Serpentine belt is a long continuous belt which drives all engine components.

4. Auto Spare parts

LMC is the best company to sell Auto spare parts not just in India but in other countries too such as Morocco, Russia, Turkey etc. in total 6 countries. The importance of Auto spare parts in a vehicle is to keep its productivity higher and can be used for a longer time. Spare parts are kept in order to remove the old and broken parts and you can use new ones instead of them without any issues. They are the parts which are designed in such a way that they can be fitted or removed easily. Maintenance of spare parts is also necessary same as that of old ones. Some important spare parts you should be knowing about i.e. Battery, Car oil, Car filters, Tyres etc. There is a term known as Full-size spare which means buying a set of five tyres instead of four so that you can go wherever you want too freely. 

5. We also sell car Accessories.

If you are searching for any of these, then you reached the correct place. You can contact us for all the best services you want. We will help you out. If you want more Information regarding any of our topics then you can check out our official website (lmc.in) for the best results.

If you are buying spare parts and accessories online, then some things are to be kept in mind if you will buy small parts then it will not include the heavy amount of shipping and if you are buying the big parts like the engine etc then it might cost you a heavy amount of shipping and you should also be aware of the return policy. The payment method and warranty are also be kept in mind. The Spare parts which you can get for your vehicle are gears, nuts, bolts, brakes, engines etc. We not only manufacture automotive piston, but our list also includes rings, liners, gaskets, belts, clutch etc. 

You can reach out to us we will provide you with the best information related to vehicles, spare parts and accessories. 


The best information related to cars, spare parts and accessories you will get here. Do read our blogs also for more information and share your reviews in the comment section below.. We hope that you found this information and blog useful. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. When was LMC established?

A1. LMC was setup in 1939 and has experience of more than 80 years.

Q2. What type of spare parts they deal with?

A2. They deal with every type of spare parts such as Pistons, Rings, Bearings, Gaskets, etc. You name them and they will provide you. 

Q3. This company only deal in India?

A3. No, LMC deals with Foreign Countries too and at present they have contract with 7 countries like Morocco, Russia, Brazil, Israel, Poland, Turkey etc. They deal in Imported spare parts.