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Automobile Company In India

Lakshmi Motor Company (LMC) is a top Automobile Company in India. This company sells spare parts online and offline for vehicles at the best price in India. Not just in India, they sell their Spare parts in 6 more countries like Morocco, Russia, Brazil, Turkey, Poland etc. We sell Auto Spare parts, Car Spare parts, and Accessories at the best price online as well as offline.

The automotive industry, aptly named after the Greek "autos" (self) and Latin "motives" (motion), is a complex ecosystem of diverse companies and organizations collaborating to bring self-propelled vehicles to life. From design and development to marketing and sales, a vast array of players contribute to creating and distributing motor vehicles.

One such prominent player is Lakshmi Motor Company (LMC), a name synonymous with quality and reliability in the Indian automotive landscape. Established in 1934, LMC has served as a key distributor of auto parts for over 80 years, building a strong reputation for providing genuine spare parts and accessories.

A Diverse Portfolio and Global Reach:

LMC offers a comprehensive portfolio of auto parts, encompassing:

  • Engine components: Pistons, piston rings, cylinder liners, etc.
  • Chassis parts: Suspensions, brakes, steering components, etc.
  • Body parts: Bumpers, grilles, lights, etc.
  • Electrical parts: Batteries, alternators, starters, etc.
  • This extensive selection ensures that LMC can provide the necessary parts for a vast majority of vehicles on Indian roads, making them a valuable resource for both vehicle owners and service providers.

    Catering to a Wide Range of Vehicles:

    LMC's product range caters to a wide variety of vehicles, including:

  • Cars
  • Trucks & Buses
  • Two-wheelers
  • Three-wheelers
  • This diverse offering positions LMC to meet the varied needs of the Indian automotive market.

    A Legacy of Expertise and Continued Growth:

    With a rich history of over eight decades, LMC has established itself as a trusted name in the Indian automotive industry. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has been instrumental in their success. As India's automotive sector continues to witness significant growth, LMC is well-positioned to capitalize on this momentum, playing a key role in providing high-quality auto parts and catering to the evolving needs of the market.


    LMC is not only a leading automobile company in India but also a major exporter of auto parts. They have established a strong presence in the global market, exporting their products to over 80 countries across five continents. This includes key markets like Russia, Turkey, Poland, Brazil, and Morocco, demonstrating the quality and competitiveness of their products on a global scale.