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Do you know about automotive belt wholesale in Delhi? If yes, then this guide on Laxmi Motor Company will let you know more on this topic here. We are covering the complete guide on automotive belt wholesale here.

If you are facing Automotive Belt for a vehicle might failing issue then there are many reasons for that.  

Some of them include a worn-out drive belt, a worn-out V-belt, or a damaged serpentine belt. Do you know the signs that it's time to replace automotive belt in your vehicle? This will be discussed here. 

This article on LMC will let you know about automotive belt wholesale in Delhi. We share thousands of auto-electrical parts on LMC. So read this post completely. 

Available Products in Automotive Belt Wholesale 

Serpentine Belt

You can avoid this scenario by knowing when to replace your belt and how to do it. They power different accessories in vehicle like the power steering pump and the air conditioning system. If they fail, your car could end up breaking down. 


V-belts for vehicles come in many different types and sizes. The correct size will ensure proper tension in pulleys. Failure of the drive belt can result in engine malfunction or even complete vehicle shutdown.

Timing Belt

Do you know that timing belt is very important part of the engine in a vehicle. It coordinates the combustion process to ensure that the pistons and valves open and closes at the right times to provide the greatest efficiency possible.

Do I need to replace the automotive belt?

A worn-out drive belt can be a severe problem. 

Sometimes, it causes loud noises and sometimes cause your air conditioner to stop working. If you suspect that your vehicle is experiencing one of these problems, get it checked out as soon as possible. 

Squeaking is a common sign of a worn-out drive belt. 

Also, the pulleys can become misaligned, which can cause that part to make a annoying sound. You will read more about Automotive Belt Wholesale in Delhi here in this post. This is an easy sign to notice. But sometimes it is more important to replace the automotive belt. 

Best Automotive Belt Wholesale in Delhi 

As mentioned earlier in this article, we will be discussing Automotive Belt Wholesale Brands in Delhi. Discussing the Delhi automobile market, the both online and offline market is full of competitive brands. 

We have listed some of the best automotive belt wholesale dealers in Delhi: 

J K Fenner

Jk Fenner through their years of experience becomes the global player in the automotive sector. They offer their customers a great range of belts such as wrapped belts, raw edge belts, Poly V belts, and synchronized belts. 

They also offer products such as gearboxes, sealings, hoses, etc. Their efficiency and reliability make them the leading Automotive Belt Dealer in India.


Another Automotive Belt Wholesale in Delhi, Gates is a well-established brand. They provide top-notch auto-electrical parts including automotive belts for vehicles. Their high-quality manufactured belts are used in passenger cars and light trucks. 

You will get this Automotive Belt Wholesale brand on our website LMC. 

Ekta Enterprises 

Ekta Enterprises is well established automotive belt Dealer. Its production unit is situated in Delhi. The product they offer is of great quality with long-lasting durability with sturdy structure.

They deal with Ceramic Bush, Nylon Flat Belts, Timing Belts, V Belts, End Cap, Ceramic Bobbin and Tubes, Ceramic Pulleys, and many more products.  

SKN Industrial House

SKN Industrial House is a reputed Automotive Belt Wholesale in Delhi that produces one of the most well-made and high-quality belts resistant to wear and tear and has a huge variety of this product. 

The company provides belts in several forms and materials such as V belt dealers, Timing Belt dealers, Industrial belt dealers, and Stainless Steel belt dealers.

Delhi Belting House

Delhi Belting House leads the forefront of the rapidly growing automotive sector in Delhi. 

The company is a major player in the production of automotive belts and the exceptional and long-lasting timbre of its products has earned it a spot among significant and substantial companies in its field. 

Their products are of great eminence and include V Belts, Timing belts, Rubber belts, and other related equipment.

Timing Belt Center

The company makes sure that its products are of unmatched quality and premium quality. 

Its first and foremost goal is to serve its rapidly growing customer body with its carefully designed and built automotive belts that have a high demand in the market. 

It is a wholesaler of an array of products including the best Automotive Belt Wholesale in Delhi. 

Continental Contitech 

On LMC you will get the automotive belt from Continental Contitech. They are full-time OEMs for auto-electrical parts and provide products at both online and offline stores. 

Their Continental V belts are a high preference by customers. 

You can also order special non-standard designed automotive belt wholesale from them. 


Last but not the least, MITSUBHOSHI shares a high-profit margin in automotive belt wholesale in the Delhi market. Their online product folio includes:

  • Classical V Belts 
  • Red Lable Belts 
  • MAXSTAR Wedge Belts 
  • Narrow V Belts 
  • Super Wedge 

DNA Power Transmission 

Having offline store on GB Rodad, New Delhi, Dna Power Transmission is one of the best autootive belt wholesale manufacturers. Lets discuss more about them below. 

Dna Power Tranmission provide high quality rubber automotive belts for vehicle. 

Their products in this category comes with heat resistance and avilable at industrial grade level. They are contrubuting to the auto-electrical parts in Delhi market since 5 years. 


This was Laxmi Motor Compnay’s guide on Automotive Belt Wholesale in Delhi. We hope that you have this guide useful and information relatable with your search. 

We have already discussed various brands for automotive belt wholesale market. 

The above listed brands have their both online and offline store. However, OEMs like JK Fenner, Gates, Continental Contiech, and MOTSUBOSHI are already listed on LMC. You can checkout their automotive belts for vehicle on our website. 

So, make sure to check automotive belts and other auto-electrcial parts on LMC. You can click below for support.