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Do you know about Auto Spare Parts Dealers In Israel? We will be discussing them in this post on Laxmi Motor Company. So, if you are searching for a complete guide on it then you have clicked on the right post. We have already shared other guides on auto-electrical parts.

The automobile spare parts business can be a niche or a broad business.

Auto spare parts will be needed everywhere around the world. However, we will be focusing on Israel. Thus we will know the best auto spare parts dealers in Israel. 

Whether they decide to specialise in used parts or sell only new ones, they’ll need to have a skilled team and an efficient service. They are investing in highly skilled teams and machinery to list them among the best auto spare parts dealers in Israel. 

So, read this post completely to know more. 

Best Auto Spare Parts Dealers In Israel

The list of best auto spare parts dealers in Israel is not too long. Although, the market is dense as the OEMs and well-listed brands are only a handful. You must go for them only. So the best Auto Spare Parts Dealers in Israel are:

Top Parts

TopParts is the reigning auto spare parts dealer in Israel.  Their auto spare parts are made with absolute precision by employing the use of sophisticated and advanced machinery to satisfy the ever-growing automobile industry of Israel. 


Valeo is one of the leading car parts makers in Israel. Its products range from clutches and brake pads to wipers and engine systems. The company is also well-known for its innovative technologies. You will also get their parts in India, listed on LMC

Baruch Greenberg

Baruch Greenburg is an auto spare parts distributor and an original equipment manufacturer that produces one of the most well-made components for vehicles in Israel. The brand’s mark has always been a symbol of high quality and cost-effectiveness among buyers in the Israeli market.

Spark Minda

The Spark Minda Group deals with a global manufacturer in the passenger car and truck segments, and the third is a strategic joint venture with a local car maker in the aforementioned segment. No doubt it is among the best auto spare parts dealers in Israel. 

Rinawi Cars Spare Parts

Located in the busy city of Jerusalem Rinawi Car Spare Parts is another one of the most reliable auto spare parts dealers in Israel. Its products are known to be one of the most corrosion resistance and have a high interval of maintenance that rarely break down due to wear and tear. 

Auto Works

Autoworks now owns the largest network of auto spare parts stores in Israel which comprises 43 stores. Their products include both internal and external accessories comprising multimedia air conditioning batteries, car tires and rims etc.

Pavilion Spark

Pavilion spark follows its core concepts of professionalism and innovativeness to bring to its customers a wide variety of products through its “all under one roof” concept. No doubt they are another best auto spare parts dealer in Israel providing auto parts. 

Oscar Auto Spare Parts 

By taking our list of auto spare parts dealers in Israel, forward. Oscar Auto Spare Parts has an efficient logistics network throughout Israel, the company’s products are accessible to a large part of the population which has helped it grow and partner with Israel’s major auto spare parts distributors. 


Goetze is a long-established name in the automotive industry in Israel. They produce gaskets, piston rings, and valve seals. These products are of OE quality, and they are also unique in their design. You can use Goetze components to reduce emissions, as well as to improve your car's fuel efficiency. By GOETZE, our list of auto spare parts dealers in Israel finishes. 

How To Join Auto Spare Parts Dealers In Israel 

If you are looking to join auto spare parts dealers in Israel then, you'll need a solid business plan to start your enterprise. A business plan will guide you through the various stages, from initialising your venture to opening up a retail store. Also, it will help you identify your target market and ensure a smooth start.

The executive summary of your business plan should include details on the most important aspects of your business. For example, the number of employees and the size of your premises should be detailed. Also, you should include comprehensive research on your competition.

A company's website can also be an effective way to showcase your products and services. The site can be updated with categories and information, including reviews.

Choosing a shop act registration is a legal requirement for any retail establishment within municipal limits. Having one will allow you to provide standard working conditions for your staff.

The aftermarket for Auto Spare Parts Dealers in Israel

The Israel auto spare parts aftermarket is highly dependent on auto spare parts dealers in Israel. So, they play a significant role to grow the aftermarket and provide top-notch products to customers. 

In 2016, Israel's automotive market grew by 12.5% 

Despite its small size, the Israeli automotive market is a growing industry. The sector has developed to support both domestic and international demand. There are a variety of auto spare parts available in Israel. 

Typically, they are universal fit and do not last as long as OEM parts. 

But they can be cheaper than new ones. This means auto spare parts dealers in Israel are dealing with both OEMs and local manufacturers. Also, to get auto-electrical parts in India, check out the product list on LMC.

The aftermarket is not very big. There are only a few large companies. 


This was LMC’s guide on Auto Spare Parts Dealers In Israel. We hope that you have to find the dealers listed here reliable. They are the best auto spare parts dealers in Israel. 

If you are looking for auto-electrical parts in Israel then make sure to check out their stores. However, to provide auto-electrical parts in India LMC is there. You will get a wide range of auto spare parts on our website, so make sure to make a deal with us.