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The car spare parts online market in India is vast. There are thousands of well-established wholesalers and manufacturers available online. They supply top-notch auto-electrical parts in different categories. 

Do you know that there are four fields of the auto parts market in India? The first one is OEM. This segment is dominated by car makers. They sell parts through a limited network of wholesalers. 

In the second one, there are many small and medium-sized enterprises.

While OEMs protect margins on repairs and spares, they lose their services business. To make up for this, they also lock car owners into a warranty clause. But the CCI believes this lock-in restricts access to spares.

Another challenge to OEMs is the availability of spares. Many manufacturers have not established a complete network of distribution. The availability of substandard parts is a perennial problem in the car spares market. 

Whether it is a mechanical part, a seat, or a brake lining, the problem exists.

For this, LMC has come up with a guide so you can buy car spare parts online at best price in India. You will learn here how you can compare products and get best quality and price. 

Buying Factor For Car Spare Parts Online

There are some important factors you should consider while buying car spare parts online. 

Knowing Requirement 

The first this while doing online spare part purchases in India is to know the product you are looking for. You should be clear about which part/parts you need for your vehicle. Also, don't get confused while choosing your product, don’t go for any alternative. 

Check the product you need and its specifications. 

Reputed Saller 

The most important factor to consider when buying car spare parts online is the seller's reliability. A reputable site will have an efficient return policy, allowing you to send back any faulty parts. You should check which seller is offering a warranty on the product. 

Laxmi Motor Company is already a well-established car spare parts online seller. 

If the seller’s website is responsive, then you know the product is genuine.

Affordable Price 

As far as price is concerned, most people who purchase spare parts online do so because they can get them at a much lower cost. However, not all of the parts sold online are created equal. Some are from OEMs and others are from local manufacturers. 

Therefore, you should do your research to make sure you are getting the best price for your spare parts.

Product Quality 

The other factor to consider include the quality of the spare part and its warranty. While a cheap car spare part can be an excellent bargain, a shoddy one could cause your vehicle to suffer major damage. 

For the best product quality check our auto-electrical parts on LMC

Checking Market Availability 

The market is also undergoing a significant transformation as the use of advanced technology in the fabrication of automotive parts is driving growth. This market is also fueled by the rise in consumer and passenger automobile production. 

There are hundreds of auto part stores on the Internet. It's important to find a store that is reliable, has a wide variety of spare parts and can provide you with the customer service you need. 

Car Spare Parts: Online Vs. Offline 

Now, you have read about some important factors for consideration, to buy car spare parts online at the best price in India. You should also know that India, holds one of the biggest automobile industries in the world. Here you get both online and offline sales. 

As our guide is all about getting car spare parts at best price, so we will read more about it. 

The major part of this market is available at offline shops. In India, there are major cities and areas which are known for having a vast market for auto-electrical parts. Delhi is one of them. The best part of the offline market is, you can go and explore more and more products. The offline market offers thousands of OEMs and brands. 

However, today the game is changing with the growth of online stores. 

Now, you can easily buy car spare parts online while sitting on your sofa! Like on LMC, we provide thousands of auto-electrical parts from different brands and OEMs. 

While buying car spare parts online you can take all the decisions on your own with ease. Online automobile spare part market allows you to select your required product with some clicks. 

This means the online market is making the purchase process easier for customers. 

LMC: Get Car Spare Parts Online in India

Do you know that LMC is one of the leading automobile spare parts wholesalers? 

From belts, clutch, gears, brake, and engine parts to bearings, filters, and suspensions. Our product list includes all types of auto-electrical parts. These products are from well-known brands like BOSCH, BorgWarner,  VALEO, and many more. 

At Laxmi Motor Company you will get all types of two, three, and four-wheeler parts at the best price. 


This was LMC’s guide on car spare parts online. 

Choosing the right auto spare part is important for your vehicle. This process can be complicated at offline stores, but not at LMC. We are making your buying process easier for auto-electrical and spare parts. Get the best auto parts at affordable prices here!

We hope that this guide has helped you to buy car spare parts online at best price in India. Which product you are looking for? Let us know in the comment section.