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A Complete Guide About Genuine Spare Parts of Maruti Suzuki

Are you customer of the Maruti Suzuki? If yes, than you must read this post to discover about genuine spare parts of Maruti Suzuki. In today’s wide market, there are number of fake products, same you can find when it comes to genuine car parts. There are some points to keep in mind before buying the genuine parts of Maruti Suzuki. Let’s explore all about this through this post.

Why Should You Choose Only Genuine Parts?

When you go in the market in order to get the best genuine parts of Maruti Suzuki, you will find lots of people who are ready to con you. Simply if you are looking for these parts then you can visit any Maruti Suzuki showroom or store of Maruti Company. They will surely provide you genuine parts at reasonable rates. You should also gain some knowledge before you buy such as there are some key points:-

  • While buying parts, look for the holographic strip which is stuck on the part you are buying.
  • You can scratch the strip to make sure this is genuine and having scrathed you would find the Maruti genuine parts is mentioned in the bold letters.
  • You can also spot the logo of Maruti Genuine parts.

These are some basic points that you should be in the swim before buying the part, you are required.

Contact Authorized Dealers Only

As you know Maruti Suzuki Company is one of the major automobile companies, it has built plenty of stores in India for the customer support. Talking about New Delhi, where you can find nearly 65 stores of the Maruti Suzuki.

There is a thing that again you need to keep in mind that, the store you are buying from, should be authorized store of Maruti Suzuki. Because there are number of fake dealers who try to deceive you in order to make their profit.

So, before you visit any store do check the contact information, address, and other details to verify it is the authorized dealers of the Maruti Suzuki genuine parts.  Customers can gain details of real and authorized dealers from the internet including address and visit the store.

Why Should You Buy Maruti Suzuki Genuine Parts?

  1. Grantee/Warranty Protection:- Vital benefit of the buying the genuine parts of Maruti Suzuki is that, these parts come under grantee and warranty. It means in case of damage you can request to replace these parts without paying anything (If they are under grantee or warranty).
  2. Durability:- Undoubtedly genuine spare parts of Maruti Suzuki are stable,  because they are built with quality by the company.
  3. Total Cost:- When it comes to cost, lots of people think that genuine parts are expensive, but it is not exactly true, they are affordable at the time of billing, because you receive discounts and offers from the company.
  4. Safety:- This point should be highlighted because there is no compromise with safety, that is the main reason why you should also choose genuine parts.
  5. Certified:- These real parts are certified from the company so that you can believe that they are genuine spare parts of Maruti Suzuki. Being an active customer you should always look for certification reliability and performance.
  6. Impressive Performance:- In terms of performance nothing can beat genuine parts, because real is real which is irreplaceable. Many people face plenty of issues when they use duplicate and local parts, which also reduces the performance of vehicle.
  7. Extended Warranty/ Lifetime:- This is the the best points of genuine parts because local and unauthorized dealers can not offer you this. It can be found at company connected authorized dealers.

Now you must have realized that why you should buy genuine spare parts of Maruti Suzuki. If you want to gain all of these benefits that you must go for branded products. As there are plenty of benefits of branded spare parts on the second side there are a lot of drawbacks of buying local spare parts. Even these low quality and cheap spare parts can put your life in risk.

The automobile companies have grown a lot these years. So, it has been easy to find genuine spare parts that too at reasonable cost. Apart from this, you also get servicing and better resale price of genuine parts. Hope this blog must have been informative for all of you, for more stay connected with us.