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Tata is a very popular and well-established OEM in the automobile industry. Also, Tata genuine parts hold high demand in the market. So, if you wanted to buy tata spare parts & accessories online in India at lowest price then you have clicked on the right post.

With the help of this guide on Laxmi Motor Company, you will get Tata genuine parts online.

The auto-electrical parts in India have a very high demand and supply in the market. Compared to the past few decades, today many OEMs and brands have captured this market. They enjoy high market profit by providing a wide range of auto spare parts.  Among them, Tata is India’s multinational automotive manufacturing company. 

They share a good amount of market share. If you are looking for tata spare parts & accessories then read this post completely. LMC will guide you to buy Tata genuine parts. 

Tata Genuine Parts in the Market 

The Indian customers are demanding Tata products a lot. The reason why we search for Tata genuine parts online is their brand value. Tata has captured the market with their amazing products. 

Tata automotive spare parts are durable, reliable, and economical. The company's goal is to provide technical expertise and excellent customer service. Do you know, they are maintaining a large inventory of spare parts while giving long life to vehicles. 

Therefore, they ensure that the parts they are selling are genuine. 

By this, they can guarantee customers that they are getting the parts that were designed to work with the vehicle's specifications. It's also important for the dealer to help educate the customer about the proper functioning of the parts.

Their aim is to build an agile supply chain. 

About Tata Motors Automotive 

Even if you are using Tata motors parts, we still know you were unaware of some facts about it. Tata Motors has a service network that is the third largest in India. 

Founded in 1945, Tata Motors is a leading Indian automaker. 

Tata automobile is producing about four million vehicles every year. Today, they are widely established throughout India. A number of subsidiaries are engaged in engineering, manufacturing, construction equipment, and supply chain activities. 

It has 250 dealerships in 195 cities across the country. 

Apart from the Indian market, the company has a presence in other markets including Romania, Poland, Turkey, South Africa, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Indonesia, Russia, Thailand, Bangladesh, and DR Congo. You will get Tata genuine parts online on LMC. 

How to get Tata genuine parts online?

Do you know that more than ten percent of market customer looks for Tata products? Yes, this percentage is rising every financial year. The demand for Tata genuine parts is very high in both the online as well as offline markets. 

Although you can get their products on their official website. But for the best deal and product portfolio, you should check out our website Laxmi Motor Company. 

Laxmi Motor Website will offer a wide range of products including tata spare parts.  

Keep reading to know how you can buy Tata Spare Parts & Accessories Online in India at lowest. 

Tata Genuine Parts on LMC

Laxmi Motor Company is a known distributor and retailer of Tata auto-electrical parts. Even being our major market in Delhi, we export products all over India. You can purchase thousands of spare parts at prices, from any part of India. For this check our LMC Products. 

On our website, you will get multiple auto-electrical parts from Tata motors. This includes: 


A radiator is a cooling device installed in a vehicle's engine compartment. It transfers heat from the interior to the exterior of the engine. Radiators can be found in both small and heavy-duty vehicles.

If you are planning to change the radiator and looking for a new one then check out here. 

When the vehicle was modified to include an AC condenser, the radiator moved to the front. This move was confirmed by Tata Motors. On LMC we provide radiators from Tata. 


Oil is a very important aspect when it comes to vehicle maintenance. If you are using low-quality oil in your car then it may damage the parts in the long lear. However, on LMC we provide high-quality automobile oil from Tata. 

Tata has an extensive range of integrated solutions to meet the needs of the modern vehicle industry. This includes vehicle oils as well. 


Tata Motors has introduced a new range of accessories for their cars. 

These products include air filters and an air disinfectant system. They will be offered across all the company outlets in India. But if you are shopping online then you will get it on LMC. 

Our product list has already included the Tata automobile filters. So, check them out now!

What are Tata Motor Points?

If you thinking to buy Tata genuine parts then you should know about the Tata motor points.  Tata Motor Points are awarded to customers as reward points for their purchases. Among other benefits, you will also be eligible to redeem Tata Motors' services.

For its commercial vehicle customers, Tata Motors launched a customer loyalty program.  This program offers peace of mind to its present and future customers. Members of the program can earn bonus points for new commercial vehicles and Tata points for purchases of spares and annual maintenance contracts. As a member, you will receive an Owners Card. 

You can redeem these cards at Tata Motors Authorized Service Stations, or at select CEAT Tyre outlets.


This was LMC’s guide to buy Tata spare parts & accessories online in India at lowest. 

If you are using any Tata automobile then you should only prefer OEM Products. However, you can also use Tata genuine parts on other vehicles. As Tata offers amazing product quality. 

We hope that you have found this guide useful. To buy Tata genuine parts check out the product portfolio of Laxmi Motor Company. And make sure to have a deal with us.