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Do you know about the best auto parts distributors in brazil? If yes then you must be looking for them, well your search is over now. At Laxmi Motor Company we have already discussed guides in the auto-electrical parts market.

With another post on LMC, we will be discussing about Auto Parts Distributors in Brazil.

The Brazilian auto parts industry is on a path for expansion.

It has a positive trade balance and increased exports in the last few months. As vehicle production continues to grow, there is a need for new auto parts.

In addition to the domestic demand for replacement parts, a resurgence in the Brazilian economy is also expected to boost growth.

So, if you are looking for the best auto parts distributors in Brazil then you should read this post completely. After analyzing the market we will be seeing the best distributors in their market. Also, you can directly check out auto-electrical parts on LMC’s product portfolio.

Best Auto Parts Distributors in Brazil

As you read about the current market of auto parts distributors in Brazil. Now, if you are thinking about which are the best auto parts distributors in Brazil then LMC has provided a complete list of distributors.

As the Brazilian auto parts industry faces challenges as it continues to grow.

It is facing an ongoing technological revolution and has to meet the rising demand for vehicles. These Auto parts distributors are playing a significant role to grow their sector.

So, the best auto parts distributors in Brazil are as follows:

Top AutoPart Distributors in Brazil


Starting our list with the top auto-parts company, Valeo Brazil develops high technology products for vehicles. With this advancement, they are leading their sector with solutions. 

Valeo has millions of customers in India as well. On LMC you will get Valeo auto-spare parts.

Enfield County Spare

Enfield County Spare is an auto spare parts dealer headquartered in Porto Alegre in Brazil.

Its products are of unparalleled quality, suiting the needs of its customers. The company has one of the best quality-to-price ratios which earns it an important position in the auto spare part aftermarket.


Riosulense is an auto spare parts dealer which is progressing at a rapid rate due to its competitive price. It specializes in the production of spare parts for heavy trucks and trailers.

We hope you are finding this guide on Auto Parts Distributors in Brazil useful. If yes then keep reading for more.

The unmatched caliber of the material used in the manufacture of auto spare parts is well-fitted for heavy-duty purposes.

Cipec Spare Parts

The company has made a name for itself among the auto spare parts distributors in brazil.

Cipec manufactures a wide range of products for heavy-duty vehicles, making it an excellent choice for hard-to-find parts. It is a trustworthy company and is an outstanding source for auto spare parts at a reasonable cost.

Brazil Automotive Components Ltd.

From its headquarters in Goiânia, the company has risen to the rank of a major company in the growing industry of the auto spare parts sector. The company is one of the best auto parts distributors in Brazil.

Also, it is very popular and has a high rating among its customers due to the excellent workmanship of its workers and the outstanding caliber of its parts.The company has got positive reviews from its customers.

Brazil Peças

It is one of the well-known auto spare parts distributors in Brazil, operating from its main storage yard in

Goiânia. The company has worked hard towards achieving customer satisfaction and the positive feedback from its customer body is proof of its excellent workmanship and the integrity in its prices.

Super Trading Corporation

This list of the best auto parts distributors in Brazil also includes Super Trading corporation, which has grown into one of the giants of the automotive sector through its unique strategy of researching and creating effective parts at a pocket-friendly price. 

Its high quality-to-price ratio has been one of the factors of its current position in the Brazilian auto spare parts aftermarket

Castrillon Auto Parts

One of the most well-reputed in the field, the company has dominated the aftermarket spreading its influence in the national and international automobile sector. The fledgling company owes its success to its dedicated workers and engineers and the excellent quality of its products.

The company maintains a large and well-stocked store at Goiânia to meet its ever-increasing demand.


BOSCH is one of the best auto parts distributors in Brazil, as well as globally. They are known for their top-notch auto-electrical products for vehicles. They have established a Brazilian headquarter that manages all Latin America region for the company.

On LMC you will get various auto parts from BOSCH including brake parts and spark plugs.

Current Market of Auto Parts Distributors in Brazil

The Brazilian auto parts industry has the capacity to produce virtually any part needed for the manufacturing of a car. This includes drive shafts, cylinder blocks, engines, and bodywork pieces. Each item produced is designed for a specific application.

However, the aftermarket sector has faced a number of challenges in recent years. But the auto parts distributors in Brazil are improving the market smoothly.

The Brazilian auto industry has been in a period of rapid change. As a result of the global financial crisis, thousands of employees were laid off. Its supply chain was also weakened.

This resulted in lower volumes of auto parts. However, a new wave of manufacturers and investors are coming to the country, with competitive pricing.

The automotive aftermarket in Brazil is a complex ecosystem with diverse distribution channels. Aftermarket products are usually sold through retailers, independent distributors, OEMs, and workshops.

These companies manufacture and distribute a wide variety of components for vehicles.


This was our complete guide on Auto Parts Distributors in Brazil.

In the next few decades, the Brazilian automobile market will be a globally leading market. From a few reports it will be detailing in millions in the auto spare parts sector. No doubt the distributors of their country will be a big part of this.

So, you should also support these distributors!

We hope you have found this Auto Parts Distributors in Brazil guide useful. If yes, then let us know in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to make a deal with LMC for auto-electrical parts in India.