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Here at LMC, we will be discussing manufacturers and distributors for piston rings in India.

Process Behind Piston Ring Manufacturers

The vehicle piston ring manufacturer's process involves a series of steps that ensure the highest quality rings. The first step is to properly shape the piston ring. Proper shaping is necessary to ensure proper tension and drag inside the cylinder. 

Also,  the shaping process for this is one of the most difficult steps in production. The second step involves applying heat to the blanks to form them into a ring. 

These ring blanks are then partially quench-hardened and then expanded by clamping circumferentially. After this operation, the rings are cooled to the critical temperature and then partially closed to undergo a cutting operation.

Also, the third step involves the application of a high-quality protective coating. This process is done by most Indian piston ring manufacturers. 

Protective coatings used on piston rings should be corrosion-resistant, high-wear-resistant, and low-friction. A high-quality chromium coating is essential to ensure smoothness and functionality within the engine.

What is the Future of Piston Ring Manufacturers in India 

The OEM piston ring manufacturing process is complex, with multiple processes and a large number of parts. The process can be challenging, with frequent bottlenecks and high work-in-process inventory. Manually optimal planning becomes a monumental task. 

However, the future of piston ring manufacturers in India is wide and growing. OEM suppliers must ensure quality and consistency in their production processes.

Another important step in the vehicle piston ring manufacturing process is lubrication. 

Piston rings must survive high temperatures and harsh conditions, and motor oil needs to be able to withstand extreme conditions. Piston rings are also sprung, and this spring force is provided by the stiffness of the ring and a separate spring behind the seal ring.

Best Piston Ring Manufacturers and Distributors in India 

According to the Laxmi Motor Company guide, below mention companies are one of the leading and influential piston ring manufacturers and distributors in India 


Goetze has been serving the automobile industry for years, it provides an ingenious range of advanced components. Goetze works with OE manufacturers and has come up with enhanced quality auto-electrical parts. 

Including piston, piston rings, block kits, cylinder liner radiator coolants, and engine valve which works smoothly on all types of petrol diesel, and gas engines.

Indian Piston Limited

IPL maintains a leading position in the automotive market because of its excellent work. IPL is a top piston manufacturer and distributor and its products are most preferred among customers. They deal with Pistons, Piston Rings, Gudgeon Pins & Cylinder Liners.

They have strictly adhered to its quality parameters. All the plants of Indian pistons limited are IATF 16949 certificated. 

Menon Perfect 

Another one of the best piston ring manufacturers on this list is Menon Perfect Piston & Rings. 

The automotive piston market is highly fragmented and is expected to experience fast growth during the forecast period. With over 40 years of engineering experience, the company manufactures and exports a broad spectrum of precision goods. 

The company's research report includes detailed information about these companies and the automotive piston market. 


The Circle Company began making piston rings and other engine parts in 1921 when the automobile was becoming a popular form of transportation. They began to sell piston rings to repair shops through full-page ads in the Saturday Evening Post. 

Circle employs over 100 people who are responsible for the design and manufacturing of piston rings. You can check out their pistons on Laxmi Motor Company. 

Pistons account for 60 percent of engine friction, which means improvements to pistons can save fuel. 

LPR Export Pvt.Ltd

LPR Export Pvt. Ltd is a well-reputed company and has a high ranking in the automotive markets of India. LPR Export is ISO 9001:2015 certified organization.

They import a diverse range of supreme quality products such as piston rings, edge features, joints, air brake compressors, air and refrigeration compressor internal compressor engine

Anchal India Piston and Rings

Their consistent quality control and deep understanding of their customer's requirements make them the leading Piston Ring manufacturers and distributors in India. 

They are suppliers of premium quality pistons, levers, oil pulleys, and gasket kits at the lowest cost possible. 

Cooper Corp.

Cooper Corporation is a major player in the automobile sector. 

The corporation has extended, diversified, and advanced its business into making perfectly designed products. These include lightweight and compact engines which the company manufactures for a variety of different purposes. 

The company maintains its quality in numerous components such as Pistons, Cylinder Liners, Anti-polishing rings, Crankshafts, Flywheels, etc. 

Kolbenring India

Kolbenring India has established outstanding popularity due to major breakthroughs in the field of piston ring manufacturing. The company which has multiple branches across India never ceases to provide its customers with cutting-edge quality in its components. 

They provide chrome-coated, moly-coated piston rings which are damage resistant and have high maintenance intervals.


So, this was the Laxmi Motor Company’s complete guide on Piston Ring Manufacturers And Distributor In India. We hope you have found this guide useful and reliable in your search. 

Above we have listed top-notch manufacturers and distributors for piston rings in India. 

The brands like Goetze, Indian Piston Limited, Menon Perfect, and Circle are already listed on LMC. Thus, you can make a deal with us for their piston ring and other products. Also, make sure to check our product list on our website. You will get a variety of products at the best price. 

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