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Do you know what bearing caps are? If not then this article is for you and if you know then also do give it a read. Read this article to know the full information of bearing caps. For the proper functioning of the bearing and the crankshaft is done with the help of the bearing cap. These Engine bearing caps are a very important part for the engine to work smoothly and properly. They keep the bearings in place and help to transfer the load from piston to crankshaft. It divides the load of the machine. It also helps to keep the engine oil in the right place so that the oil should be provided to all the parts properly and the working of the parts should be smooth. There are an infinite number of Bearing caps available in the market, but you should choose the perfect one for your vehicle which fits it perfectly. There are numerous benefits of using a bearing cap for your vehicle as it provides perfect alignment to the engine and prevents it from knocking. These caps also increase the efficiency of the engine by reducing the friction. It helps in increasing the life of the engine and prevents wear and tear. 


Different types of Engine Bearing Caps:

There are three different types of Engine bearing caps:

  1. Connecting Rod Cap: It connects the piston to the crankshaft to distribute the combustion pressure to the crankpin. The material from which the connecting rod caps are made are carbon steel, micro alloyed steel, iron based metal, graphite cast iron. There are few parts of the connecting rod cap i.e. small end, big end, bushing, bolt and nut, shank, wrist pin, piston etc. It is placed at the top of the connecting rod.
  2. Main Bearing Cap: It is designed in a way to allow the thin sheet of oil to flow through the piston and crankshaft. These caps are made up of cast iron but if there are custom orders then it is made up of steel, aluminum, plastic, stainless steel etc. A bearing cap which is rigid and made to support the one side of the bearing is known as a hard bearing cap. It is placed at the bottom of the engine block.
  3. Camshaft Bearing Cap: An engine has basically 1 to 7 bearings per camshaft. There are 2 major types of camshaft: flat tappet and roller. The main function of the camshaft bearing is that it controls the input of fuel and the expulsion of exhaust furms. It is placed in the middle. 


The top 5 Engine Bearing Cap Manufacturers in India are:

  1. Federal-Mogul India Private Limited: They have been serving for more than 50 years now in India Bearing Industry. Their wide range of products include Camshafts, Engine Bearings, Cylinder head and Head gaskets. They are the best and lead suppliers of aftermarket parts and Services in India. 
  2. Schaeffler India Limited: It is the most well-known name in the automotive industry. They have completed 20 years in this industry in India and offer a wide range of products such as engine bearings, transmissions, clutch bearings, wheel hub units, etc. 
  3. NSK Bearings India Pvt. Ltd.: It is a Japanese multinational based company with a strong impact in India in the Indian Bearing Market. They offer a wide range of products such as ball & roll bearings, engine bearings, automotive components etc. 
  4. SKF India Limited: It is a Swedish based company and it has completed more than 60 years in this industry in India. They are the best dealers of bearings and have a wide range of other products in the automotive industry. 
  5. Timken India Limited: Timken is an American Industry and it is well known in history in the bearing industry. It has had its impact in India for more than 50 years and offers a wide range of products such as ball & roll bearings, tapered roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, etc.

Few things which you should keep in mind while choosing the best bearing cap for your vehicle. First thing you should know is what type of engine your vehicle has. Second thing you need to know what type of bearing cap your engine needs. Third and Final thing you need to know is who is the best manufacturer and specialist of that bearing cap which your engine wants. Material of the bearing is also the thing you must know about. The two most common options of material which mostly everyone automobile chooses is Aluminium and Steel. 



Aluminum is lighter and easier to work with but cannot handle heat and higher temperatures and on the other hand Steel is durable and can handle higher temperatures but is heavier and not at all easier to work with. Once you have considered all these factors you will be able to choose the best bearing cap for your engine.