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Getting a new engine bearing can restore your car's performance.

When selecting a new bearing there are several things to consider. Firstly, it is important to know about good-bearing suppliers in the market. This will help you understand the types of bearing and their different qualities present in the market.

Also, you should know the type of material for bearing you looking for.

We know that bearings from different types of materials will have different functionality. For instance, ceramic bearings are stronger and harder than metallic bearings. These will last longer. On the other hand, a steel bearing is not much durable as it gets wear out more quickly.

It is essential that your engine bearing has proper lubrication. 

This will prevent it from rusting and corroding, and it will extend its life. If you have any problems with lubrication, or if you feel that your bearing is not receiving enough lubrication, you should take your vehicle to a service station.

Types of Bearing in Engine

There are many types of bearings available, and each one comes with its own benefits. You will see some of them from bearing suppliers on LMC. We have already listed bearing suppliers and manufacturers like Bimite and Glyco

Some types of bearing include: 

Plain bearings

Plain bearings are used in virtually any component that moves. They are usually made from metal and nonferrous metals. Do you know that plain bearings are much more durable and function quietly compared to other types of bearings?

The main function of a plain bearing is to reduce friction.

Ball bearings

Sometimes ball bearings cause damage to the engine. 

Their shape may reduce the load capacity of the bearing. Ball bearings are the most commonly used in the market. Different applications hold ball bearings in functions. 

Spherical roller bearings

Most of the bearing suppliers manufacture spherical roller bearings that are designed to resist misalignment and provide low friction. Do you know spherical roller bearings can be mounted in several different methods? 

LMC provides these types of bearings so make sure to check out our website. 

Tapered roller bearings

The rotating axle in a vehicle engine has tapered roller bearings. 

Tapered roller bearings are very durable and can be used for heavy-duty operations. They are available in single and multi-rows. 

Ceramic bearings

Currently, ceramic bearings are available for use in engines. 

These products are used to reduce friction, improve power, and increase durability. They are also known for their heat-resistant properties.


Best Engine Bearing Suppliers in India 



When it comes to Engine main bearing suppliers and manufacturers, our list starts with Glyco. 

Their unique structural designs and high quality provide them with the tag of one of the leading engine-bearing manufacturing suppliers in India. 

The bearings they manufacture are highly resistant to damage and can withstand heavy loads and high temperatures.

Moreover, Glyco has a wide range of over 2,500 bearings which include main, flanged, and conrod bearings, It holds up to more than 10,000 diverse engine applications at a pocket-friendly cost.

You can check their products like bearings on Laxmi Motor Company. 


Bimite has seen a spike in growth in sales in recent years and has risen to become a well-known industry in India and abroad. Their quality-to-price ratio is exceptional, offering premium quality at a low price. 

Bearings Bimite manufactures include Main bearings, Connecting rod bearings, Flange bearings, and Roll formed. On LMC we have listed thousands of products including Bimite bearing. 

They have a high interval of maintenance and their products serve their purpose efficiently and productively.

You will get other bearing suppliers including bimite on our website.

Why Engine Main Bearing is Important? 

Besides the main engine, there are many other vital parts of the car that require bearings to function properly. For instance, the steering system, wheels, suspension, and transmission are all supported by bearings.

For vehicles with high-performance requirements, manufacturers use lead indium bearings. 

These bearings also have a high load-carrying capacity. A wheel bearing also helps in improving fuel economy. It can absorb the shock caused by sudden brakes or vehicle collisions. 

In addition, it helps to smoothen the ride and allows the vehicle to adjust to varying terrain.

Overall, bearings are very for vehicles so as engine main bearing suppliers in the market. 

Bearing Suppliers and Manufacturers on LMC

Several local and international bearing manufacturers are present in the Indian market. 

The demand for bearings is increasing steadily. These companies like Glyco and Bimite manufacture various types of bearings for millions of customers. They are leading engine-bearing suppliers in the market and share high market profit in India. 

Laxmi Motor Company (LMC) holds a wide range of auto-electrical parts. 

On our website, you will get thousands of auto parts for your car. From engine pistons to bearings we hold all kinds of auto parts at one place. Check our product portfolio for more. 

The above-listed engine main bearing suppliers and manufacturers like Bimite and Glyco are partners on LMC. In our portfolio, we have listed many auto parts from them. 

You can check out Bimite and Glyco bearings on LMC. 


To assure the smooth performance of a vehicle’s engine and safe driving, engine bearings plays an important role. We have already discussed types of bearings and some bearing suppliers. 

We hope that you have found this guide on Engine Main Bearing Suppliers & Manufacturers in India. If yes then let us know in the comment section. And make sure to check more auto-electrical parts on LMC.