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Piston rings are one of the most important components of an internal combustion engine. They are an essential component of any engine, as they help to keep the pistons lubricated and working of the engine properly. They are an integral part of any engine and so it is important to choose the best piston ring brand for your engine.

This article will discuss the role of piston rings in today’s market and how they can help you get the best performance out of your engine. We will also discuss their features and benefits so that you can make an informed decision when selecting a piston ring brand for your engine. 

As such it is essential to have a reliable piston ring that can produce high-quality parts. Therefore, it is important to choose the right piston ring brand for your engine. We will also look at how these brands compare in terms of quality, durability, and price. Piston rings work as they carry the heat away from the hot piston and transfer it into the cooled cylinder walls of the engine. The types of piston rings are:

  1. Compression Rings:

    There are two types of compression rings: Top and Intermediate. The compression rings try to give off the majority of combustion gases to make sure that you get the maximum power output from your engine. The second compression ring helps in scraping oil and prevents it from reaching the combustion chamber. When the piston ring fails, Its exhaust turns out to be thick, dark grey, or bluish in color and might also smell like burning oils. The top two rings are known as the Top compression ring and the Intermediate compression ring. They are used for sealing the combustion chamber. The bottom ring is known as the Oil control ring used for controlling the supply of oil to cylinder oil. 
  2. Oil Control Ring:

    The bottom ring is known as the Oil control ring used for controlling the supply of oil to cylinder oil. These rings are used to spread the oil evenly on the surface of the cylinder the oil which is splashed onto the cylinder and its walls. The material used to make pistons is aluminum alloys, cast iron, steel, and composite materials. Al-Si alloy is the best material used to make Pistons. Pistons are usually made up of Aluminium alloys because it is lighter in weight, Wear is less. It is stronger and absorbs more shocks. 

The best Manufacturers of Piston rings are:-

  1. MAHLE Group
  2. Tenneco inc.
  3. Aisin Seiki Co. Ltd. 
  4. Hitachi Automotive Systems Ltd.
  5. Shriram Pistons and Rings Ltd.

Hardened Steel Top Rings are the best rings that are used by most companies for the best results. Thinner rings are stronger than thicker rings as they are made up of carbon steel which makes them stronger from thicker rings. Points to know that piston rings are weak:

  1. White or grey-colored exhaust smoke.
  2. The power of acceleration is low.
  3. Excess oil consumption.
  4. Excessive loss of power.
  5. Performance is poor.

Overheating damages rings. It is a major factor that piston rings fail. Moreover, damaged pistons can not be repaired and changed alone. They require gaskets, rubber sealings, valves, etc which automatically increases their cost and it's better to buy a new one rather than repair the old new. The best solution is to replace them. The strongest piston is the Forged Piston as its manufacturing is different from the cast piston because in the cast piston, the aluminium is molded but in the Forged Piston the aluminium is not molded instead of it hot aluminium is ingested into the simple mold. Steel pistons are much stronger than Aluminium ones as it favors fuel consumption and less emission levels. Ductile Iron is used for top rings as it is the best material for it because it is flexible and heat resistant. Cast Iron is used for the compression rings as it controls the oil firms and it is not as exposed to the heat as the top rings. 

LMC’s products are exported to 6 more countries except for India and they are Morocco, Russia, Turkey, Poland, Israel, and Brazil. Its market is very vast and has the best products. Cast Iron and steel are the materials used to make pistons. The Piston sizes mainly used are 0.020, 0.030, and 0.040.



So this was the complete guide on Piston rings by Lakshmi Motor Company. I hope you found this information helpful and important. If you want more information related to any spare parts, do check out our website and other blogs or you can also comment down below your queries and your views on this. 


Some FAQs 

Q1. Do all cars have piston rings?

A1. Yes, all cars have piston rings. 


Q2. When do you need to replace the piston rings?

A2. Piston rings are to be replaced when the smoke comes out of gray color and it becomes thick then you need to change the piston. 


Q3. Name of the Three piston rings?

A3. The three piston rings are:

  1. Top Compression ring
  2. Intermediate Compression ring
  3. Oil control ring